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Whether it comes in the form of a fiction novel, a nostalgic memoir, or a series of casual blog posts, we all have a story that’s just itching to be told. And you want to tell yours the right way. The first time. That’s where I come in.

I’ve spent the last five years helping authors and businesses optimize their content and connect with readers both in print and online. What story can I help you share?

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Helping writers make their stories better is truly my passion. While I’ve edited thousands of online news and marketing articles from draft to publication over the last five years, I also have experience line editing manuscript-length projects in both fiction and nonfiction.

I’ve also worked as a copy editor and page designer for a pair of local newspapers, and I served as the editor in chief of my student newspaper in college. Thanks to my experience in journalism, I’m most familiar with AP style, and I’m known for my tight copy, quick turn-arounds, and a strict adherence to deadlines.

Get in touch with me to price out a full professional copyedit for your:

  • Blog post or series of blog posts
  • News article or news release
  • Fiction or nonfiction book
  • Marketing emails or newsletters

Writing + Ghostwriting

If you’re looking for a writer or ghostwriter to amp up your content creation, I can help! In addition to being an award-winning poet, I’ve published everything from short stories to political essays—but my specialty is in news and PR writing for online audiences.

My experience includes:

  • Press releases
  • News stories
  • Company blog posts
  • Marketing video scripts and speeches
  • Political opinion columns
  • Nonfiction books and ebooks
  • Social media posts
  • Short stories and flash fiction

Click here to see a collection of my recent work.

Public Relations

Need help taking your digital marketing plan to the next level? I have experience both as a social media manager and as a PR analyst and ghostwriter, and I’ve been behind big gains:

  • I drove a successful charge to improve one company’s social media engagement by 100% over the course of 12 months.
  • I’ve led the way to massive jumps in follower counts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where I company I contracted with saw an 800% growth in subscriber count and a 438% increase in video videos in just one year.
  • I oversaw an increase of 13 points in one site’s Domain Rating over the course of 18 months, and improved their press release engagement by over 200% in just six months.

What can I do for you? Let’s talk about it.


Rebecca Holley, former supervisor

“Michelle has an innate talent for creating engaging content. Whether it’s a piece on a recent political event or a funny listicle, Michelle consistently delivers some of our most-read articles. She’s always up for a new challenge, clearly understands how to target an audience, and makes a job easier for everyone involved. She’d be a top-notch addition to any team!”

John Schmidt, freelance client

“She did an amazing job. Very professional and clear, effective nonfiction writing! I would recommend Michelle to anybody looking to get an article or e-book written!”

Jerome Boykin, freelance client

“Michelle, you did an awesome job and I’m sooooo glad I chose you for this project. You really knocked this project out of the park.”


Want me on the team for your next project? Let’s get in touch.