5 Pages You Need to Have On Your Blog | Pages Every Blogger Really Needs on Their Site

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Bloggers old and new who want to see success online have an uphill battle ahead of them. It’s not enough anymore to simply publish your afternoon thoughts on Blogspot’s default theme; with such a saturated market, both readers of blogs and the brands who want to reach them have high expectations, which means bloggers often have to go the extra mile to impress.

But it’s not just enough to host top-tier content on your blog. Visitors to your site want to know that they’re taking advice or getting the scoop from someone who is knowledgeable and credible, and when it comes to their first impressions, perception is reality.

This is why it’s vital to not just to put out high-quality posts, but also to present yourself as a professional who knows their way around the blogging world and lives up to—or exceeds—industry expectations. Part of that involves including pages on your blog, in addition to posts, that provide more information about you and your background and make it easier for visitors to navigate your site.