61 Blog Post Ideas For Any Niche | Writing Prompts for Bloggers

Being a blogger isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. While we’d all like to think that ideas for new articles simply flutter into our minds like butterflies in the breeze, bloggers may find that developing new topic ideas is harder than writing the posts themselves.

What’s your next move when you find yourself stuck while brainstorming?

Blog Post Prompts for Any Niche

If Pinterest isn’t giving you any new ideas and Morning Pages aren’t cutting it for you, try covering one of these 50 topics in your next blog post:

1. Name three common misconceptions about your niche.

2. List the 10 most interesting articles published this week in your niche.

3. Describe the impact that blogging has had on your life.

4. Outline your writing process. What steps do you follow when writing a blog post?

5. Research a lesser-known innovator in your niche. Write a blog post exploring where your niche would be without them and why their story isn’t widely told.

6. Take a stand! Give your opinion on a controversial topic within your niche.

7. Describe your niche’s origin story. When did humans first start getting interested in the topic you cover?

8. How does the public feel about a recent event related to your niche? Take a poll and reveal the results in your blog post.

9. List the top three books you’ve read in the last year.

10. Explain your daily routine. What does a day in your life look like?

11. How did you get started blogging? Tell your readers about the day you decided to become a blogger.

12. Write a blog post explaining why readers should trust you for advice and information.

13. Choose one superstar in your niche, whether that’s a millionaire entrepreneur or a three-time teacher of the year. Write a profile on that person.

14. If you had to write a letter to your senator or representative, what would you ask them to advocate for related to your niche? Write that letter.

15. Are there any fiction books that mention topics related to your niche? Name the top five.

16. Write a post about how you think your niche will have progressed five, 10, or 15 years from now.

17. Create an infographic that describes one aspect of your niche in detail. Write a blog post to go with it.

18. What’s your go-to source for inspiration? Write a post about how it inspires you.

19. Conduct an interview with a person of authority within your niche. Transcribe your interview and publish it on your blog.

20. How do you market your blog posts? Write a guide for bloggers who want to see similar success.

21. How did you come up with your blog’s name? Tell that story.

22. Write a blog post about how you got your first 10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 readers.

23. Write about the impact a specific aspect of your niche has on the environment.

24. What’s something that’s changed about your niche in the last two years? Talk about the change in a blog post.

25. Write a guide to help new bloggers get started in your niche.

26. Compile a list of gift ideas related to your niche.

27. Who are you outside of your blog? Tell your readers a little about yourself.

28. Fact-check a popular movie or TV show related to your niche. How accurate is it?

29. Compile a glossary of terms to know in your chosen niche.

30. List 20 social media accounts that someone who is interested in your niche should follow.

31. Who would you consider to be an expert in your niche (besides you)? Choose one such person and write a post that shares how they got where they are today.

32. Write a post about how your interest in your niche informs your political views.

33. Write about blogging full-time. If you aren’t already a full-time blogger, is it something you’d ever aspire to do?

34. Let your readers get to know you better. List 20 facts your readers didn’t already know about you.

35. Create a printable that will help your readers stay more organized while working in your niche. (For blogs about writing, this could be a template for brainstorming or a blank character profile.) Write a blog post that explains how your new resource can help.

36. Review a book that came out this year on a topic related to your niche.

37. What mistakes have you made as a blogger? Share one and how you overcame it.

38. How is your niche viewed in other countries and cultures around the world? Do some research and share what you learn.

39. List strategies that someone who is interested in your niche could use to save money.

40. How have members of minority communities made an impact on your niche? Discuss the presence or lack of diversity in a blog post.

41. Write an open letter to your idol. What do you wish you could tell them?

42. Share a list of activities for children who are interested in your niche.

43. Write about what scared you most about blogging and whether that fear was justified.

44. Share a list of thought-provoking podcasts or TED Talks related to your niche.

45. Where are people who are interested in your niche meeting up? Share a list of virtual or in-person events.

46. What has the media gotten wrong about your niche? Correct an inaccurate report.

47. Do you hold any unpopular opinions related to your niche? Tell your readers all about it.

48. What’s one thing you’d like to change about the culture surrounding your niche? Write a blog post about how you and your readers can make a difference.

49. List the tools or apps you use to stay productive as a blogger.

50. Ask a colleague to write a guest post on your blog. Return the favor.

Brainstorm Even More Topics: Questions to Get You Thinking

Maybe none of the prompts listed above jived with you. Or maybe you’ve already worked through every item on the list. Whatever the reason, all bloggers will need to develop new topic ideas for themselves sooner or later. The answers to these 11 questions can provide even more ideas for what to blog about:

51. What are the most commonly Googled questions related to your niche?

52. What have you learned since you started blogging about your niche?

53. How do most people feel about your niche? Is that perception a positive or negative one? Why do you think they feel that way?

54. What are other bloggers writing about in your niche right now?

55. What are people saying about your niche on YouTube videos and podcasts?

56. Has your niche been in the news lately? What’s making headlines?

57. What certifications would be useful for someone wanting to work in the field you write about? What information is covered in the course material for these certificates?

58. Where should someone go for more information about this topic?

59. How have recent world events had an impact on your niche?

60. Which posts are most popular on your blog right now?

61. What questions have your readers been leaving in the comments section?

How do you come up with ideas for new blog posts? Share your tips in the comments!

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15 thoughts on “61 Blog Post Ideas For Any Niche | Writing Prompts for Bloggers

  1. Wow, I love these ideas! It can take a long time to write articles in my niche and I love that some of these are quicker prompts that help the reader get to know you and your niche a bit better. Thanks for the tips!

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  2. These are so helpful! Normally I can come up with ideas pretty quickly, but I love the idea of rounding out my readers’ experiences with these prompts. They’ll also be great to keep on hand in a pinch!

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