Review: ClassTracker’s 2018-19 Ultimate Student Planner: College Edition

REVIEW: ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner: College Edition 2018 2019 | Michelle Adams Rawlings Blog

Note: This article was published July 18, 2018. Please click here to see my more recent posts.

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Last summer, I remember falling in love with the Ultimate Student Planner, an affordable, Instagrammable planner designed specifically for students. I appreciated that the inside was a neutral color, making it perfect for personal color-coding, and I liked that it seemed there was no wasted space.

But while I highly recommended the Ultimate Student Planner to friends and colleagues alike, I’ll admit I never actually planned on using it myself.

This is because, while I was in undergrad, my focus was always on activities: I ran the student paper, I was involved with freshman orientation, and I was even part of the concert band.

That meant I had a lot on my plate — and I needed a planner that could keep up with more than just school assignments. 

Last year’s Ultimate Student Planner only had spaces for exams, papers, and homework, meaning I’d need an entirely separate notebook to track my busy daily life.

But all that changed with the 2018-19
Ultimate Student Planner: College Edition.

ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner: College Edition 2018-19

The Ultimate Student Planner got a serious upgrade this year with the creation of two separate planners — one for high school students (which is very similar, if not identical, to the format of the 2017-18 planner) and one just for college students (which, as you’ll see, has had a bit of a facelift).

Take a look at the weekly view in this year’s planner:

ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner: College Edition 2018-19 | Michelle Rawlings Blog

In contrast to last year’s planner, ClassTracker founder Lesley Martin and her team have redesigned this year’s Ultimate Student Planner: College Edition to provide ample space for you to record your “daily plan” — which is exactly what I needed to make this planner my go-to choice for school.

Don’t get me wrong: a place to list your assignments is probably the most important feature a planner can have. But if you’re in college, your activities outside of class (whether they’re academic or social) go hand-in-hand with your studies.

With the newly-designed College Edition of the planner, you can track important meetings, internship interviews, seminars, and social events right beside your study plan. This allows you to plan your entire day — not just your school day.

All of this fits effortlessly beside the highlights of last year’s planner, including a spot for exams and due dates right at the top (where you hopefully won’t miss them), a short weekly to-do list space, and even a spot to keep a countdown to an upcoming event.

Equally important to all that is your monthly calendar, which looks like this:

ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner: College Edition 2018-19 | Monthly View | Michelle Rawlings Blog

A mirror of last year’s design, the monthly view in the Ultimate Student Planner has plenty of space to scribble in important events — but it adds a new spot to write monthly goals (according to ClassTracker, “people who write their goals down are 42% more likely to achieve them”).

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With this, plus pages to record your semester schedule and even a page to list more long-term goals (ahem), Lesley and her team have yet again designed a simple, functional planner that is perfect for students who like to stay organized.

The Bottom Line: 

If I was still in school, this is the planner I would be using — and if I was running a school, this would be a planner I would purchase in bulk for all students to use. The Ultimate Student Planner provides all the tools you’ll need to be successful this fall — now it’s your turn to make it happen!

What are your goals for the upcoming semester? Share in the comments!


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