Unboxing the Welcome Package for the 2017-18 HP Millennial Influencer Panel

Unboxing the Welcome Package for the 2017-18 HP Millennial Influencer Panel | Michelle Adams Blog

Please note: This article was written and published several years ago and may no longer be accurate.
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Disclaimer: I received these products, promotional items, and/or educational materials for free as part of the HP Millennial Influencer Panel. Links in this post may be affiliate, meaning I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase through that link. All opinions are my own and can’t be bought. More legal information is available here.

Some of you may know that I was part of the very first HP Millennial Influencer Panel last year, and I’m delighted to say that I’ve been selected to participate yet again!

The HP Millennial Influencer Panel is made up of a group of (you guessed it) millennial influencers who provide feedback on current and upcoming HP products, and we tend to promote their gadgets (completely voluntarily) along the way!

Last year, we got to experience the launch of the HP Sprocket, which was awesome, and we got a ton of other cool stuff in our welcome packs — I remember specifically a Bluetooth speaker (which I still use almost daily!), a Tervis water bottle with the HP logo, and an all-in-one printer, which has also seen a ton of use over the last year.

This year’s welcome package came in the mail the other day and I actually filmed an unboxing and the file got all corrupted, and now I’m sharing the contents with you so you can check out what we’ve been gifted! I’m going to give as comprehensive of a review of the products as I can with just a few moments of use, so here we go:

Unboxing the Welcome Package for the 2017-18 HP Millennial Influencer Panel | Michelle Adams Blog

First things first…

When I first opened the (rather large) box, I was greeted by a letter from our contact at HP, which gave some details about what we’d find in the box as well as some info about the program, which was mostly the same as what we’d received last year.

There was also a cute “thank you” note from HP that included a $5 gift card to Starbucks, which seems to have been part of their Instant Ink program, which automatically sends ink refills when yours gets low on an HP printer that supports the program.

After reading through these notes, I was ready to dive right into the goodies!

Social Media Snapshots

IMG_7820First up of the products in the box, I found a pack of Social Media Snapshots, which are individual leafs of 4 in. by 5 in. sticker paper that you can use to print photos using the HP Social Media Snapshots app.

I think I’ve used these before because I have a photo on this paper hanging in my kitchen, but I totally don’t remember how I went about printing it or how the process went, so I went ahead and re-downloaded HP’s app to my iPhone and decided to print out the cutest picture of me and my friends from Instagram.

When I opened the app, I signed into Instagram and chose a photo. The app then took me to an editing screen, where I could choose a design much like the ones that appear on the box for the paper! The designs mimic what the posts actually look like on social media, which I think is super cute for scrapbooking or decorating a dorm room.

Then, once you’re done editing, you can send your design right to your printer and print it out on the sticky-back paper. I have to say that the quality of the print was great, but I don’t know if that had anything to do with the app or the paper — HP just gave me an awesome printer!

Unboxing the Welcome Package for the 2017-18 HP Millennial Influencer Panel | Michelle Adams Blog

Zink Photo Paper Refills

The next thing I found in the box was 40 sheets of refill Zink paper for my Sprocket.

If you haven’t yet heard of the Sprocket (you’re probably living under a rock) it’s essentially a portable wallet-size photo printer that prints without ink (zero ink > “zink”) on sticker paper so you can stick your photos anywhere.

Don’t ask me how it works — but it’s kind of awesome. And since I’ve used up all the paper I had, I’m glad to have gotten refills. Since getting some more paper in the welcome pack, I’ve already printed a cute photo to hang on a chalkboard in my house!

Unboxing the Welcome Package for the 2017-18 HP Millennial Influencer Panel - Michelle Adams Blog (4)

HP AMP 100 Printer

The final thing I pulled out of the box was the much-anticipated HP AMP printer. I remember seeing it at Walmart a few days ago and thinking that would be the product that we’d been talking about in the panel — and I was right!

A few months ago, we started talking about music in the panel, and I know a lot of my fellow panel members were a little confused. When HP presented the idea of including a Bluetooth speaker on a printer, our first reaction was why? When would we ever need to print and listen to music? But after doing some research (and taking a look at the printer myself), I realized that this isn’t for multitasking at all. It’s more of a space-saver.

To that effect, the AMP is perfect for college students, because saving space in a dorm is crucial — and what better saves space than combining two products in one? I also realized that it would be great for someone who works in an office who likes to listen to music when they work, but doesn’t have room for a full-out radio or other speaker on their desk. I don’t hang out in my in-home office that often, because when my fiancé’s away at work, I can just telecommute from the couch, but I could see how someone would really enjoy this product — and it’s actually really cheap for an all-in-one printer. The speaker aspect is like a bonus!

Well, that’s everything I found in my welcome pack for this year’s program, but I am confident that there will be more products sent our way soon, and I promise they’ll be showing up on my blog in some way or another!

In the meantime, for the most up-to-date details on what our panel is up to and what upcoming HP products and services we get to try out, make sure you follow mine and the other panel members’ journeys on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the tag #HPMillennials!

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