What’s On My iPhone 6S? | Tour + Productivity Tips

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Our smartphones seem to run our lives nowadays, and since we’re always using them, we’re always looking for ways to make them better and use them more efficiently. If you’re looking for new apps to simplify your life, tips for organizing your home screen, or ideas for battery life optimization, you’ve come to the right place.

Article Contents:
→ The Tour
→ Productivity Tips: How To Keep Your Battery Life (And Available Storage) High

The Tour | Here’s What I Have On My iPhone 6S

When it comes to my background, I choose not to use live wallpapers, because they just take up too much battery life. Instead, I chose a simple photo that isn’t flashy or inappropriate for an office or school setting. It makes me happy to see, and it helps me identify my cell in a world full of iPhones!

Once I unlock my phone, I arrive at my main screen. My bottom four are the phone call application, camera, messages, and my music app of choice: Spotify.

I have two pages of applications, so I’ll take you through them one by one: Outside of folders, I house my app store, Safari, calendar, photos, notes, Gmail, YouTube, my bank, Pinterest, and Polyvore.

The rest of the apps on this page are divided into folders: news, social, school, utilities, “booky,” and blog. Take a look at what I have in each folder below:

As a budding journalist, I follow several different news sources, seen in my “News” folder above. I also have a folder called “Blog,” which is for all things freelancing. I keep a bookmark to my personal blog, and several apps that I use in my blogging endeavors, like Slack to communicate with one of my content creation teams, and Upwork to look for new jobs.

The Do! app is my to-do list application of choice. I use it to mark assignments for my freelance jobs, and I love that it shows up in my Today pull-down menu.

My second page includes apps that I use less regularly. Check them out:

In my “Photography” folder, I have the apps I use to edit my photos for Instagram and Twitter (I highly recommend Filterra and Airbrush for photo editing, and Typorama for adding text, at least until they make a Canva app).

Next is games, and though I’m not huge on them (because there always seems to be something else I need to be working on), I do have a few for when I have a moment of free time!

My “local” folder includes applications that apply to local life and travel; I use them sparingly, but they are much-appreciated when the time is right.

Finally, most people seem to have an “Extras” folder, with the apps that Apple doesn’t allow you to delete, and other programs you never really use—and I am no exception!

The Breakdown | Using Your Phone For Productivity

I have my phone organized in a way that makes it ideal for school, work, and blogging, with ample folders and productivity apps to keep me in line. So how can you make your phone the most efficient device it can be?

Your phone is useless if the battery is dead. Here’s how to make it last all day:

  1. Say goodbye to the live wallpapers. They drain battery life quickly—it isn’t worth it!
  2. Turn down that brightness when you can. Your phone’s display uses more power than any other process.
  3. Play games sparingly; these are immediate battery drainers.
  4. Turn off WiFi, mobile data, and location when you aren’t using them. Your phone sucks up battery searching for these services. If you really need to make it last, try putting your phone on airplane mode whenever possible!
  5. If you aren’t on mobile data/WiFi, streaming music doesn’t use very much battery. Try saving the songs to your phone via iTunes or Spotify instead.

If you keep running out of storage, it’s time to prioritize. Here are some tips:

  1. If you use an app less than once per week, it doesn’t deserve a spot on your phone! You won’t miss it when you can snap more photos.
  2. Live photos on the iPhone 6S are neat, but they take up double the space of a regular photo, and often, they aren’t necessary. You can’t even share them! Switch your live photos off so you can save more memories with loved ones.

Finally, make sure you’re reaping all the benefits that your phone can offer. Productivity is key for the busy college student! Here are some tips for using your phone to keep organized:

  1. Find a useable to-do list app. If Apple’s pre-downloaded Reminders works for you, use it! Alternatively, find an application like Do! that allows you to keep an outlook on your weeks ahead. You may have to experiment to figure out what works best for you.
  2. Download the applications for online services you use, like Blackboard, Canvas, or Slack. It’s way easier than finding a computer every time you need to check your grades or communicate with your colleagues.
  3. Finally, update your calendar, notes, and to-do lists regularly so that you know you can depend on them when life gets hectic.

The bottom line? Your cell phone isn’t just for socializing. It can also be one of your most useful productivity tools—if you use it right.

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